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Event Planning 

Enjoy doing business...


Providing excellent and superior quality services in all fields throughout the world, Adalin Resort responds to the needs and requirements of the business world with comfortable and elegant conference and meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.  The attentive and expert personnel of Adalin Resort always offers the best service for conferences, meetings, dealers' meetings, panels, workshops and various corporate events. You can organise meetings and hold seminars in a modern ambience with very special service provisions in the World of Adalin Resort

Adalin Resort convention services. Academic conferences and conventions, seminars and similar events are organised complying with international standards.

The business world is significant at Adalin Resort Business meetings organised in elegant and prestigious areas equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with excellent service provisions will definitely add value to your business. 

Football Camps

Professionals speak the same language...

Adalin Resort offer excellent services and opportunities for professional football clubs around the world. The excellent service quality of Adalin Resort offers ideal conditions for displacements of Super League clubs of Turkey in Antalya and for summer camps of many Turkish football clubs and clubs from all over the world. Adalin Resort ensures an excellent camp experience with first class service provisions, comfortable accommodation and football pitches in international standards. 

All needs and requirements for top-level football are responded to in the world of Adalin Resort . Acknowledging the importance of punctuality, plans and programmes, Adalin Resort offers excellent service to help football teams to follow their schedule strictly.


Enjoy your stay at Adalin Resort even more by taking a virtual journey around the world of culinary treats in our various restaurants and bars.
One of our highest priorities is to serve our guests delicious meals, prepared by internationally acknowledged chefs, from carefully selected ingredients using authentic recipes from all over the world.
Do widen your culinary horizon (or choose your favourite dish) by enjoying the classical international cuisine as well as specialties from, modern Turkey and the historical Ottoman Empire, Rich open buffets and cosy à la carte restaurants have one feature in common: stylish presentation and perfect service in an ambience to suit every mood. Honeymooners and senior citizens, business travelers and families with kids: there is a wide choice for every taste.

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